Track well. Reach farther 1,2,3.
With no compromise.

Optimizing pushability, flexibility, torqueability for improved trackability.

DRAKON™ microcatheters are class IIb medical devices intended for use by interventional radiologists and interventional oncologists for the infusion of contrast media into all peripheral vessels and for drug infusion in intra-arterial therapy, and infusion of embolic materials. They should not be used in cerebral vessels.

For complete information about precautions and optimal usage conditions for these medical devices, we recommend consulting the instructions for use supplied with each device or with your local Guerbet representative(s). Information for use only in countries with applicable health authority registrations. Notified Body: MedCert 0482. Manufacturer: Accurate Medical Therapeutics Ltd. EC Rep: Guerbet. Document creation date: May 2019. DRAKON™ is a registered trademark of Guerbet Group or its affiliates.

DRAKON™ microcatheters have been authorized for commercialization in the United States by the FDA.

1. TR-025 Flexibility Bench Test
2. TR-006 Torque Transmission Bench Test
3. TR-017 Trackability Bench Test

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